Vavrik Family Quilt

[picture] The hardest part of this project was selecting the photos to include in the quilt. Even though my mom died in 1988, I wanted to include a picture of her as she looked before the Cancer had changed her apearance too much. I also included a picture of a cherished family pet who still lives in our hearts. I took the liberty of including my best friend and her son in the quilt as well. After all, she is family.

Some people (mostly my husband and I) are pictured more than once in the quilt since we're in pictures I really wanted to use of other family members.

I printed a paper copy of each of the pictures and laid them out on the floor while arranging them. Laying out the printouts really helped me in the design process as this was my biggest project of this nature up to that point. Pay attention to the size of the faces and try to maintain consistency (e.g. avoid using full face pictures and group pictures together; go with one or the other so the pictures in the quilt go well together).

If you undertake a memory quilt project, be sure to allow plenty of time to select just the right pictures. Try to pick pictures that flatter everyone. I can't tell you how many picture albums and shoeboxes filled with pictures I went through in selecting these. You may find yourself being asked to make more for other family members.

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