Customer Feedback and Pictures

Here are some pictures of things others have made with our images to give you ideas.
Please mail or email us your pictures and feedback and we'll post them.

[silk habotai chiffon purse] [back of silk purse] I received your 100-sheet pack of cotton fabric sheets today. I ordered the cotton without testing because I am so happy with your silk sheets. I will be making laminated containers as well as photo quilts and wallhangings, not to mention more purses and bags with the silk. Sorry I didn't make the time to tell you how much I like the silk sheets last week when I sent you the purse photos.

Attached are pictures of a silk purse I made and showed this past weekend at the Dorchester Sandpiper Festival here in New Brunswick, Canada. I received wonderful feedback on it. The front of the purse features a vintage mother-of-pearl button from my grandmother's collection. I printed my photo on both your silk chiffon and silk habotai (paper-backed) sheets. Then I layered them over very lightweight batting before the free-motion work. The back has one sheet of printed silk chiffon layered over the mustard silk. People were amazed at the quality of my colour floral photos printed on silk. Some could not believe they were actual photos from my camera that had been printed with my inkjet printer on silk sheets, and were very curious how the fabric got through the printer. The sheets worked very well for me and I had no problems. The colour reproduction is terrific and I like how the fabric so deeply absorbs the image. I will eventually want to try out your River Silk ribbons since that is another facet of my silk fetish.
D. Sheppard, Rockport, NB, Canada

[picture] The blue purse on the right was made by Teresa White from T. White Designs
using a picture from the Pets image CD printed on silk satin.

Hello Val,
I am sure you will get hundreds of e-mails but I HAVE to put in my two cents. I met you today in Puyallup at the Art and Rubber Stamp festival. I am so happy and excited that I found your booth.
Your work is awesome and you have everything! You answered my questions before I even knew what to ask. Thanks for a wonderful service. I look forward to doing business with you. Continued success,
Sherrie K., Puyallup, WA

Hi VV's Prints,
I purchased several items from you when you were in Denver in January at the sewing expo at the Merchandise Mart and absolutely loved everything you had. Now I'm going to do a baby quilt using your Angels -- kind of like what you did with your small Angel piece (maybe it was a pillow or wall hanging). I love your stuff so much!!!
I believe you will be in Houston at the International Quilt Festival November 2-5 and I'm wondering what your booth number will be because I'll be there. If this is your first Houston quilt show, expect to do lots and lots of business. It's the biggest and best show and a couple years ago there were approximately 54,000 people in attendance. It's a to-die-for show.
I wish you the very best always because everything you sell is absolutely fabulous and the samples you display along with your CDs are so creative and wonderful that they give quilters like me great ideas. Good luck with your business!

S. Reynebeau, Golden, CO

[picture] [picture] Good morning Val,
Thank you for the beautiful Japanese fabric prints. They were perfect for a silk pillow. One image suggested a little waif, so this brought to my mind that it should be something simple, not fancy. I had a rather rustic looking piece of scrap fabric that I knew would be a perfect fit. I dyed the scrap piece a lovely peach color; it took several times to get the right color. The fabric print was overdyed so they would match up. I used Steam-A-Seam to apply the dark fabric onto the peach. The Steam-A-Seam allowed me to position her exactly like I wanted. All parts for this pillow were scraps except the silk chiffon faric print. I dyed the black border which also provided the piping.

For the Japanese lady on the other side I used a dyed noille. She was padded with silk batting and quilted. Then I folded the edging under and padded & puffed with dimension. I named this project "making do with what you have."
Maggie Backman, Things Japanese

[picture] Show off your creations and inspire others!

I absolutely love working with the cotton fabric sheets - there aren't enough hours in one's lifetime to create all the ideas that explode out of my head once I sit down at the computer ! ! ! Beware - this is very addicting.
Kathleen Brown, Of My Hands, Vancouver, WA

Note: Kathleen used one of her patterns, inVESTed, with images from our Victorian Women and Victorian Women 2 image CDs to create this beautiful vest.

[faric ornament] I enjoyed using your images when making Christmas ornaments this year. It was a creative addition to my hand made projects, and my friends enjoyed getting their personal ornaments. To make the ornaments I printed the images onto iron-on transfers and ironed them onto cloth. I then quilted a back and sewed the two pieces together with a ribbon for hanging. I left the bottom open, stuffed it and hand stitched it. Each ornament took me about 45 minutes to make. Here's a picture of one of my favorites which used an image from your Victorian Women CD.
T. Belanger, Bellingham, WA

Have fun and bless others with a personalized quilt!

[Soldier Quilt]

We are having a blast making our Military quilts personal with their requests. We print fabric sheets with the interests of the individual (i.e. cars, sports, favorite teams, occupation, etc.) to include. One man is from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, and I found a sunset and sunrise photo over Ewa Beach, Hawaii, and those pictures are going to be on his quilt.
These are some of the appliques/pictures I have done this weekend. I did not make the quilt tops but I did do the pictures, embroidery, and appliques. I iron a beige stabilizer under the fabric sheets first so the underlying fabric does not show through. We are proud of the work we are doing and pray that God continues to bless us with health, fabric and funds to continue our ministry. When I first started sewing with these fantastic ladies, I asked how they knew who was to get a quilt, and their answer was, "God tells us."
Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Imogene Hall, McPherson, KS

Note: We are happy to offer our fabric sheets at a discount to this worthy cause. If you can support their ministry with a donation of quilting materials or a financial gift, please click on the quilt to get in touch.

[picture] This is one of my favorite wall hangings. I love working with your fabric prints. They are easy to work with. And the images are so beautiful and unique. I love picking fabrics that showcase the art.
Judy Cook, Sumner, WA

[picture] I used some of the images from the Kitchen 1 and 2 CDs to make a set of five potholders to give as a wedding gift for some friends. They loved them and are saving them to display when they open a bakery they hope to have some day. I thought the images were very unique and had fun getting the images onto fabric.
Lee Kappelman, Sisters, Oregon

[picture] [picture]

I printed these images from the Patriotic and Mothers CDs on fabric sheets and took them to my local JoAnns to pick complementary fabrics and pillow forms. Several people in the store asked me where I had found the unique images and the fabric sheets. I was happy to tell them. It only took me a few hours to create the pillow pattern and make the pillows. They were fun to make and came out beautiful!
Janni Gaynor, Seattle, WA

The Fairies and Kitchen 1 CDs arrived today!! That was fast! I hate to admit that I haven't yet used any of your images from the other CDs I purchased except for computer tutorials that I do with a group I'm in, a PSP (PaintShopPro) Yahoo group. I did print out the picture of Betsy Ross sewing the flag (from the Patriotic CD) and was trying to think of something to do with her.
I love your graphics and I'm collecting them to use someday, I hope. It doesn't matter to me; I like just looking through them. The quality is excellent; large files, which I love. I've been "ripped off" more than once buying CDs that were nothing more than images people had saved from eBay web sites. People selling postcards and old pictures, and they just save them to their hard drive, put them on a CD and sell them as vintage images for collages, etc. . . Anyway, yours are well worth the money so I'll be back! And if I do get around to making something I'll scan it and send a picture to you. Thanks!
Kathy V., Santa Cruz, CA

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