Medieval Products

Art Canvas Print of "The White Stag"


This vintage art print from the 1800s looks even better than the original as we've added a little subtle color to bring out the details. It looks so good printed on art canvas that everyone will think it is a painting. It comes to you all ready to matte and frame. The art canvas print measures 11" x 17". This picture does not do it justice. You will love it when you see how incredibly detailed it is. We take it to shows to demonstrate the quality of our restored vintage images. It can now be yours for a very reasonable price. Not only does it look like an original painting, it is much less expensive and but honestly looks as good as the real thing.

White Stag Art Canvas Print (ready to matte and frame)

Medieval Note Pads


The perfect gift for your friends who love to dress up and attend medieval faires. The half-sheet size notepads are so attractive you may want to get some for yourself too. The shopping list is the perfect size for your grocery items. Here are some close-ups showing more detail.


Set of 3 Medieval Notepads for $8.50


2 Medieval Shopping Lists for $5

Medieval Coloring Book


You don't have to be a child to enjoy coloring in our Medieval Coloring Book. In fact, color pencils and markers are recommended. There is only one picture printed on each page so you can frame your finished work! Our coloring book features images from all 4 medieval CDs including knights, maidens, dragons, Sir Galahad, and even a few images from our Fairies and Japan CDs. There are 12 pages to color and it only costs $5!

1 Medieval Coloring Book for $5.00

If you know others who love coloring and/or medieval stuff, you can go for our special: 3 Medieval Coloring Books for $10!


3 Medieval Coloring Books for $10

Body Art Tattoos


Tattoo Sheets with 4 tattoos are $3.99 each.
Always wanted a tattoo but didn't want to go to a tattoo parlor or get stuck with something permanent? Have a child that loves tattoos? You can have lots of fun with our temporary tattoos. Put one on your ankle, neck, arm, wrist or somewhere else for a special occasion. Use them as fashion accessories or wear them at a medieval faire. We tested these tattoos and found that even though they are supposed to last about 5-7 days, if you are careful not to rub them or wash them with soap, some can last for 2-3 weeks. The The crown and shield tattoos last the longest. When you are ready to remove them, they come off easily with a little rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Our tattoos are safe and non-toxic.

1 Sheet of Temporary Tattoos for $3.99!

You'll probably want more than just one set.
3 Sheets of Temporary Tattoos for $10!

Pick up extra tattoos to wear to medieval faires or share with your friends.
10 Sheets of Temporary Tattoos for $30!

Framed Medieval Metallic Prints



Unfortunately pictures cannot do justice to these beautiful framed metallic prints. When the light hits them they are amazing. They appear holographic and look like etchings or lithographs. These framed prints were introduced at the Kent Canterbury Faire. We may have more of these at upcoming medieval faires in Washington state.

Because of the glass we decided not to sell the framed metallic prints over the web, just at shows. Please EMAIL US if you are interested in purchasing just the unframed metallic prints.

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